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Memories from my mini years

When I was little, my very first memory was of Mom and Dad and I hanging out in our den listening to John Denver.   My favorites were “Thank God I’m a Country Boy”, “Grandma’s Feather Bed”, and “Sunshine on my Shoulders.”  There is no recollection of my brother in this memory, so I was either very little, or I was trying to erase him from my happy memories.

On the first sunny day after a long stretch of gloomy weather,  I am compelled to play “Sunshine on my Shoulders” and sing along. I have to admit, it is one of my top three songs to sing in the shower.

Sunny days should be celebrated and savored like fine wine and dark chocolate.

I love living in Indiana.

I love the people, and the countryside.  I love the wildlife, and the lack of a rat race.  Indiana is a fantastic place to raise a family.  Springtime and summer in Indiana are glorious.  Our falls are drop dead gorgeous.

But, I am so over these cold and grey spring days of May.  It feels like March out there and I don’t know how much more of this I can take before I go bonkers.

I need sunshine, and I need it now.

Juggling challenging people and situations at work, maintaining a balance of mom and not-so-evil step mom, and trying to get some momentum with my photography and writing is enough to cause anyone stress and anxiety.  If only there was a way to reduce the stress.  For me it isn’t shopping, hitting the bars, or running on a treadmill.  Good old fashioned outside chores chase my blues away.

Sunshine and dirt under my fingernails would do a lot to re-energize me.

The Friday before Mother’s Day, when Ellie was with her dad, I went to my favorite greenhouses (one of which is called Das Plantzen Platz or The Plant Place).

I went a little overboard.

This year is the year of the orange flower in my garden.  Three years ago it was purple; last year was bright pink.  This year is bright hot, sunshiny orange.  I have cute orange and purple violas, as well as some plain orange ones.  Snapdragons, one of my many favorites come in orange as well.  We picked out orange poppies, and orange SuperBells.  And soon, my yellow and orange calendula and cosmos will be up.

If I can’t have sunshine on my shoulders, then sunshine in my flowerbeds is the next best thing.

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