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Today is my birthday.  No biggie, everyone has them.  But to celebrate, I went around my yard taking photos of things that make me happy.

Yellow Rose that started blooming yesterday and larkspur

One of the many pots that resides on my porch. This year's pots turned out bright and cheerful.

The iceberg shrub rose is one of my very favorite roses in the whole wide world. It does okay in the shade, blooms all summer long and is bushy. I have gotten one for every house I've lived in.

One of the surprise peonies that I planted last year. I wish you could smell them!

This is my favorite peony in the whole wide world. It is an heirloom that was at my 100 year old house and I have moved a bit of it three times. The peonies started blooming yesterday.

I like these pinks and the weirdo photo.

We have 6 bluebird boxes. Two of them have tree swallow families in it. This one has four eggs, and the nest has a whole bunny tail in it. It's warm and fuzzy I suppose.

If you look very closely, you can see the other tree sparrow sticking it's head out of the box. I didn't use a zoom lens, I was about 5 feet away. The tree sparrows let you get very close and they are really entertaining.

The walk around my yard was nice, and two good friends came over for dinner,  AND a mystery teacher made me brownies and brought in vanilla bean ice cream.  You can’t beat that!

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