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All You Need Is Love

I’ve been inspired to write by Single Dad Laughing and his post, “I’m Christian, Unless You’re Gay.”  Go read the post and the follow up responses, and then come on back.

The premise is that it doesn’t matter if you people are different or we disagree with them, that we should just plain love them.  We should stop throwing negativity at them and start loving them.  That’s what Jesus would do.

And I’m guilty.

Not of being unChristian to homosexuals, or the poor, or the disinfranchised.

I’m guilty of hating the haters.

My hackles go up when I hear a snotty tone of voice.

My patience wears thin when I hear biggotted jokes.

I feel like punching a wall when I hear small minded comments.

But, really, all of these people are hurting too.  Or maybe they just don’t understand the power of their words.  Shouldn’t I show them a little bit of kindness?  Be a friend?  Or at least be a good example?

When I was in Junior High, I went to school in a very rich district.  The right clothes and hair were very important, and I was teased a lot.  My only “friends” were the other kids that were also the outcasts.  We had little in common, except that we were all weirdos.

My parents worried about me, and I saw a counselor for a while.  I must have complained that the kids were snobby, because my counselor said to me,  “Maybe they think you are being a snob.”

Those words completely changed my life.

I’ve always been very shy, and I continue to be an introverted person.  But it certainly changed my perspective on other people.  It’s my own fault if I don’t reach out to others.  It’s not their responsibility to reach out to me, it’s mine to reach out to them.  Not only that, it’s my responsibility to be receptive to the love of others.

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